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Mantova – The Art of Fine Italian Food

The Mantova Family began their business in 1905 in Broccostella, about 100 km south of Rome. At first, they were trading agricultural produce from their local region. Between the 1950s and 80s, the family shifted their focus and attention to becoming a leading producer of high-quality olive oil. In the 90s, after a century of success and growth, the family shifted their focus to attend to a global market. They sought to provide an offering of essential Italian items to provide the most authentic Italian cuisine, created with premium ingredients.

A Company That Is Unique…

… because it is the only company of its kind that provides a wide range of Italian food products to satisfy all the different demands of the market. They offer these alternatives:

  • Individual Traditional Brand
  • Complete Single-Brand Product Line
  • Private Label Program

… thereby satisfying many different needs and requirements!


Delicious and healthy recipes that take advantage of our premium quality extra virgin olive oil and other products.


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