The Mantova’s organization has the honor and the commitment to continue one hundred years of tradition and holding an unparallel experience in the production of quality olive oils.

This product met all my expectations. The flavor is just right…not overpowering. The larger size is very welcome. Most high quality olive oils come in smaller sizes causing frequent trips to the market.

- Anncee

Fabulous! These oils are incredibly packed with the flavour they tout. I use this and all Mantova flavoured oils for everything! I have tried other oils, more expensive, and not one packs the punch these oils bring to the table.

- D. Zambella

We wish to uphold a strong and clear position in the international olive oil market which forms our traditional business core. We wish to evolve and prosper in the dynamic natural, Healthy and “ready to use” product market.

We wish to offer our increasing number of consumers’ quality, creativity and utmost genuinely in their daily diet.

- Fine Italian Foods

I ordered multiple bottles of this olive oil because of all the positive reviews and am so happy I did! We have tried so many other brands and were so disappointed as the garlic flavor just wasn’t there. This garlic oil is delicious and the garlic really comes through in aroma and flavor! I will be buying more to give away as gifts to my fellow garlic lovers.

- Sharon