Molinella Arborio Rice – 2.2 lbs.


Molinella Arborio Rice – 2.2 lbs.

  • Classic Italian rice that is chewy and creamy
  • Perfect for risotto and similar dishes
  • Shelf-stable and quick to prepare
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Molinella Arborio Rice – 2.2 lbs.

Arborio Rice is a traditional short-grain rice used in many Italian dishes. Arborio is widely used for risotto. This rice holds up very well during the slow cooking process because it has a high starch and protein content. This rice plumps up for a sticky and creamy texture and a firm bite.

    Arborio rice comes from the Po Valley. This region is known for cultivating rice. The nutrients in the soil and the climate offer the proper conditions to grow this delicate and delicious grain. The farming region in the Po Valley has been active for 100s of years, and experience and expertise combine to cultivate the best rice. Riso di Molinella Arborio plumps up to perfection, absorbing liquid while maintaining the perfect al dente chewiness.
    • HEALTHY DIET – Arborio rice is extremely satiating. It has a high starch and protein content compared to other varieties of grain.
    • HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Organic, Non-GMO, imported from Italy
    • NO EGGS, GMO-free, no additives, no preservatives
    • MADE IN ITALY – This Authentic Italian recipe contains only high-quality ingredients, no preservatives, artificial flavors, or processed ingredients.
    • EASY TO PREPARE – There are so many delicious ways to serve Arborio rice. Prepare a classic risotto, or simply cook and add greens, veggies, and more for a vitamin-rich meal the whole family will love. Add proteins for an extra boost. Make it how you like it and enjoy the satisfaction.

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