Caffe Gold Bar Whole Arabica Espresso Beans


Trombetta Caffe Gold Bar Whole Arabica Espresso Beans

  • Medium intensity full-bodied brew
  • 2.5 lb. bag of whole beans
  • Authentic Italian coffee
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Trombetta Caffe Gold Bar Whole Arabica Espresso Beans



Trombetta Caffe Gold Bar Whole Arabica Espresso Beans is a classic Italian coffee bean. These whole beans can be ground for use in a French press, pour over, or classic coffee machine. Italy is known for its rich and delicious coffee culture, and now you can prepare this coffee home and enjoy cafe style quality as an everyday treat! A blend of the highest quality “Arabica” and “Robusta” coffee. A perfect balance of taste and aromas giving a rich and decisive flavor which is intensely creamy. The composition of the blend is 60% arabica and 40% robusta. Made from the best coffees coming from Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia, India, Vietnam, Peru, and Ethiopia.



    • TASTE – Italian coffee is renowned for its robust flavor! Trombetta Coffee Beans have a reputation for being bold and rich. These Trombetta Gold Bar Premium Italian whole beans have a balanced taste and aroma with a soft texture. A great everyday brew. 
    • AUTHENTIC – Imported Italian coffee roasted and packaged in Italy for authentic Italian style coffee you can make at home. This signature select Italian roast coffee has a robust, full body and a smooth texture perfect for your morning brew and your afternoon pick-me-up.
    • VERSATILE – These Italian whole espresso beans can be ground coarse or fine to accommodate your favorite brewing method. Whether you’re using an Italian coffee espresso maker, a French press, or pour-over.
    • INTENSITY – Medium intensity and a well-balanced brew. Arabica coffee has subtle, full-bodied flavors of cocoa and caramel which make it smooth. Slight acidity provides a delicious contrast for a round and pleasant taste.
    • ITALIAN RECIPE – These beans are blended and roasted in Italy with Trombetta’s classic recipe. Non-GMO blend of beans. Taste the difference.

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