Romeo & Giulietta


Through the generations, the Mantova family has become recognized as premier testers and tasters, curating only the finest oils and vinegars to bear the family name. Our ingredients are grown, harvested, and produced in Italy using the finest techniques. Mantova proudly offers a decorative and delicious set of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The nested, artisan glass bottles fit together to form the shape of an olive. Simply unstack the bottles to pour individually for flavoring food and dipping bread. The Romeo & Giulietta is perfect for everyday use on the kitchen table or as a gift for anyone who appreciates high quality, authentic Italian food.

100% Natural

We pride ourselves in the quality of our foods as we believe in nurturing our foods with love and care. No preservatives. No chemicals. Just pure flavor.

Authentic Italian Tradition

Since 1905, the Fratelli Mantova brand has been a family legacy that sources only the finest ingredients from local farmers in Italy.

Deliciously Mouthwatering

It goes without saying that our foods pack a punch of flavor and will leave you craving for more. Taste the Mantova difference.