Mantova Keto Spray Oil Set: Avocado, Ghee, Coconut (5 oz. each)


Through the generations, the Mantova family has become recognized as premier testers and tasters, curating only the finest oils to bear the family name. Mantova proudly offers a pure, healthy oils in a convenient spray bottle.

Our 100% pure oils are a rich in flavor with lots of health benefits. It’s perfect for worry-free, everyday use in the kitchen, whether cooking, seasoning, grilling, or baking. The oil preserves its full flavor because of the spray bottle, specifically designed to preserve taste, aroma, and healthy attributes of the oil. Our “bag in bottle” system protects the natural oil, so you can spray lightly and evenly, without propellants, aerosol, or additives. The bag also protects the oil from exposure to air and light, keeping it fresher longer.

Mantova Oil Sprays are non-GMO, gluten free, cholesterol free, and rich with healthy fats and antioxidants; perfect for adding to every meal. No need to feel timid about spraying onto finished foods for a beautiful appearance as well as great taste. Mantova spray bottles bring all of the healthy benefits of pure oils to your dishes — in just the right amounts for the recipes you love.

This variety set includes three spray oil bottles (5 oz. each): Avocado, Ghee and Coconut

100% Natural

We pride ourselves in the quality of our foods as we believe in nurturing our foods with love and care. No preservatives. No chemicals. Just pure flavor.

Authentic Italian Tradition

Since 1905, the Fratelli Mantova brand has been a family legacy that sources only the finest ingredients from local farmers in Italy.

Deliciously Mouthwatering

It goes without saying that our foods pack a punch of flavor and will leave you craving for more. Taste the Mantova difference.