Heritage and Responsibility

“Private Label” products have come a long way from their generic heritage. When private label products first appeared on the scene over a decade ago, they were associated with low price and low quality. The offerings at that time were limited to a few food commodity categories.

Today, the reputation of private label products and the offerings available have improved tremendously. Consumers are now confident that a growing number of private labels products available re on par (and sometimes even above) that of nationally branded products. To their benefit, they can also get these quality products at the value price.


This innovative technique of cooperation, which has recently been adopted in Italy, allows the client to be unrestricted to fixed production parameters. This offers a diversification of production stages while allowing the parties involved to monitor their individually established quality levels.

At Fine Italian Food, we consider “Private Label” management a responsibility that transcends simple product supply. It demands a thoughtful collaboration between the partners and a continual, lasting service with a focus on consumer satisfaction. With our continued focus on offering high caliber private label products, we have progressively offered a co-managed production that represents an evolution in this sector.

CAI is renowned for success and experience with private label products. We are committed to long-lasting relationships with these clients. The main CAI products that are offered through private label are:

  • Oils: 100% Italian, Mediterranean, and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils
  • Spray Oils: Bag-in-Valve Technology: a chemical-free aeration device for pure oil (We offer extra virgin olive oil, flavored extra virgin olive oils, and organic extra virgin olive oils. We also carry avocado oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, grapeseed oil, and rice oil.)
  • Flavored Olive Oils: Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oils with spices or without spices, as well as flavored organic olive oil, flavored sunflower oil, and flavored grapeseed oil.
  • Authentic Vinegars: Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Red Wine Vinegar, White Wine Vinegar, Aged Vinegars, and Organic Vinegars.
  • Pasta and Rice: Organic, Non-GMO, authentic Italian 100% durum semolina wheat flour contains only high-quality ingredients, no preservatives, artificial flavors, or processed ingredients.
  • Condiments: pesto Genovese, roasted red pepper spread, olive paste, artichoke paste, and more.
  • Pasta Sauce: produced with 100% Italian ingredients and roughly 50% fresh tomatoes. No water or preservatives added.

Small Enough to Care, Big Enough to Serve…

Compagnia Alimentare Italiana continues a tradition which began over one hundred years ago. They have balanced the flexibility of a smaller company with the quality and research capacity of a larger organization to obtain the highest level of excellence.

In the International market today, Compagnia Alimentare Italiana is able to guarantee unique quality, products and a personalized service to the market. C.A.I. is committed to quick service, local fulfillment of client needs, and proactive R&D activities.

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