Mantova Spray awarded most innovative product at Gulfood show in Dubai

June 23, 2014
Gulfood, the food show with great reputation, was held in Dubai, the trading hub of the middle east on February 23-27, 2014. During the show, Adriano Mantova was awarded one of the most prestigious awards this year for product innovation. The new olive oil spray is elegant, efficient and economical while sustaining the same wonderful taste of true Italian extra virgin olive oil.
The Mantova organic extra virgin olive oil is well known for its quality and taste. This new revolutionary bag-in-valve” system makes using olive oil even healthier for you because it makes it easier to measure the right amount to use on your dishes; which makes it your number one choice for cooking or seasoning. Three sprays will give you a perfect teaspoon worth of olive oil. The pressurized can encloses a little bag containing the extra virgin olive oil. When the spray nozzle is pressed the compressed air squeezes the bag inwards forcing the oil out in a gentle, even mist, all while protecting the oil inside from contact with air. The result is that the oil never comes into contact with air until it is released. The Mantova 100% Natural Olive Oil Spray bottles come in a few flavors: Simply Olive Oil,  Garlic, Truffle, and Chili. The added variety of flavors makes this product perfect to use on many different types of food; from meat to seafood to salads. Delicious, healthy, economical – Enough said!