Mr. Mantova

Meet Adriano Mantova, the man whose remarkable ability and experience in sampling row olive oils, on a daily bases, from Italy and around the world, spans over 25 years and four generation, and is our secret key to creating premium olive oils.

Composing taste symphony…Like a composer, who expresses his emotion by combining individual notes into a symphony, our family’s tasters have specialized for four generations in composing great extra virgins olive oil by combining individual extra virgin olive oils into harmonious symphonies of taste.

Mantova’s dedication to compose top quality extra virgins elevated the traditional Italian techniques into an art, aimed at pleasing your palates.

This is why when buying any of Mantova brands, Colle Monacesco, Mantova Golden, Italian Classic, Fior Fiore, Antica Abbazia, Olidi, grand’Aroma flavored olive oil, you are not simply buying olive oils, but rather its know-how in making fine tasting olive oils.

Mr. Mantova Extra Virgin Olive Oils