Meet Adriano Mantova

What is our secret to creating premium olive oils with exemplary flavor? It’s Mr. Mantova’s remarkable dedication to offering only the highest quality options. Personally sampling rows of olives oils from Italy and around the world. His attention to detail, commitment to integrity, and refined palate add a personal touch that only a connoisseur can offer.

A symphony is a sensory experience. Sounds composed to express emotion by combining individual notes to create a sonic masterpiece. Our family, with four generations of specialized skill in tasting nuance and detail in flavor, composes extra virgin olive oil by combining harmonious tastes.

This dedication to creating top quality extra virgin olive oils elevated tradition Italian techniques into an art form, made with intense devotion to please the palate.

When buying a Mantova brand, Colle Monacesco, Mantova Golden, Italian Classic, Fior Fiore, Antica Abbazia, Olidi, or grand’Aroma flavored oil, you are buying more than just an oil. You are buying expertise, passion, and know-how. You are buying Fine Italian Food!


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