The Fine Art of Italian Food
“Beauty is nothing without soul.”
When we create a product, whether it’s one of our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oils, our versatile vinegars, or any of our other incomparable specialties that make up the Italian pantry, we want it to be unique, recognized not just for exceptional taste but for the care and craftsmanship that goes into it, and for the proprietary value added benefits that our products bring to the international market. The specialty food business today is a hyper-competitive one full of undistinguished, indifferently-made products that lack the soul of the artisan. Our products are like our children. We raise them with loving care, on the finest ingredients and time-honored methods, infusing them with character and integrity to be as charming, as well-balanced, as fascinating, and as many layered as possible. Beauty is nothing without soul. That’s our motto. That’s the true Italian way. That’s the fine art of Italian food.

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Mantova Dressing Spray


Mantova Dressing Spray – 5 oz. Bottle

  • Heart-healthy polyphenols
  • Made with Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Great taste and easy to use

Mantova White Vinegar Glaze


Mantova White Vinegar Glaze

  •  Authentic Italian white wine vinegar reduction
  •  Carefully selected grapes for a delicate, smooth flavor
  •  Size Available – 8.5 oz